Maxx Capital: nice to meet you! Our community would love to know about the ForthBox project! Can you introduce yourself?

Elena: Sure. I am the CMO of ForthBox. Our operation team recently relocated to Singapore. We would like explore the SEA market a bit more. I am very excited to meet the Vietnamese community. And SEA countries are pretty strong in terms of GameFi. We would like to have you participate in our game.

Maxx Capital: So, What does the name Forthbox mean?

Elena: Okay let me introduce our project — ForthBox ForthBox is founded by members from the FORTH DAO. We are a group of geeks and cryptographic enthusiasts from all over the world. The idea of ForthBox is to become a GameFi aggregation platform, while Box refers to the ecological integration of GameFi, DeFi, NFT and SocialFi and we aim to contribute to the Metaverse. ForthBox has developed a NFT asset aggregation protocol based on gaming scenarios. Game developers can issue their game-related NFT with a single click of button on our platform, making it possible for traditional games to transform into blockchain games with ease. ForthBox will leverage the gaming ecosystem built by a combination of GameFi and NFT. We use our SocialFi module to attract new users for our games, aiming to transform traditional gamers into blockchain gamers.

Maxx Capital: What are the major partnerships done so far? How have these played a major role in Forthbox project development?

Elena: We have established partnerships with a number of organizations, including Binance Smart Chain, Binance NFT, PancakeSwap, BSC news, and DappRadar, etc. We also have strategic partners like Forth Foundation, and the largest blockchain game guild in Russia CGU ( In the next phase, we will have a series of in-depth cooperation with CGU. They have more than 100k users in their communities, covering 30 countries across the globe. CGU is going to leverage its global network to attract users for ForthBox.

Maxx Capital: What makes Forthbox different from other competitors?

Elena: ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one-click and make it easy to transform traditional online games into blockchain games.

Based on GameFi and NFT game ecology, ForthBox uses Web 3.0 SocialFi as a way to lead the flow of games, converting all kinds of gamers into blockchain game players. Our development team is experienced in game development and we’ve developed over 100 games. We are going to bring 15 Avatar series games to the market on the ForthBox platform. In the meantime, we will work with tier one game developers and introduce third party games on our platform. Additionally, ForthBox platform incorporates a series of innovatives mechanisms, including play to earn, social to earn, and comment to earn. There is a correlation between our platform’s NFT and game NFT, empowering more users to participate in ForthBox games. For more info about our NFT, please check:

Maxx Capital: What are the advantages of Forthbox as an investor who buys tokens rather than real players?

Elena: This is a very broad question. As an investor of ForthBox’s governance token $FBX, I think we need to be responsible for our own investment. Before you invest, you need to understand the positioning, economic model, and roadmap of ForthBox. After that, you should learn about the role that $FBX plays in the ForthBox ecosystem before you make an investment decision.

There are a lot of opportunists in the crypto space, however, our founding team tends to look at the long term development. A long-term development plan was made when we established ForthBox.

About ForthBox

ForthBox is a Web3 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games.

ForthBox contains two underlying protocols, namely GameFi aggregation protocol and NFT asset aggregation protocol. The GameFi aggregation protocol aims to create an open ecosystem, including a unified blockchain game SDK interface, integrated Dapp and wallet access standard API platform, and will also introduce a safe, reliable, and risk-free Dapp redirection technology.

The NFT Asset Aggregation Protocol is an underlying NFT asset aggregation protocol. It uses a visual interface configuration and does not require code development. It supports game developers to issue game characters and props with one-click NFT, and easily transform traditional online games into blockchain games.

Based on GameFi and NFT game ecology, ForthBox uses Web 3.0 SocialFi as a way to lead the flow of games, converting all kinds of gamers into blockchain game players.

For more detail about our economic model and road, please check them on our website or our whitepaper.



About FBX

FBX is a governance token issued by the ForthBox platform based on BEP20. Any participant in the ForthBox ecosystem could receive FBX, with a total amount of 1 billion and no additional issuance. ForthBox is a decentralized platform that integrates GameFi, SocialFi, NFT, Market, and Game Center applications, all of which consume FBX and are done on the blockchain. As the fuel for all games on the ForthBox platform, FBX can be freely traded on the market, and FBX can be used to purchase NFT on ForthBox’s NFT market.

Maxx Capital: Surviving under adverse crypto market conditions is challenging, and many projects are falling short of their goals. What is the Forthbox project’s plan to stay afloat in this long blockchain race? Is everything proceeding according to plan?

Elena: If everything goes well, we are going to accomplish many remarkable milestones this year. When you look at our roadmap, ForthBox has always been pushing our project forward in accordance with it.

For now, the global market is cooling down, and we might be running into some unexpected problems. But, luckily, we have a united team. More importantly, we strongly believe that the tokenomics and product design of ForthBox are extremely competitive in the market.

We also believe that ForthBox will have a bright future as long as we stick to our plan stated in the roadmap. We hope that users can stay with us and keep supporting us. Let’s witness the rise of ForthBox all together!

2022 Q1 Road Map

Space War online List on CEX

Launched social platform V1.0 — Game Guild

The second self-operated game launched

GameFi aggregation platform V1.0 is launched

ForthBox APP V1.0 online

NFT asset aggregation protocol V1.0 launched

Social platform V1.1 — social system launched

GameFi aggregation platform V1.1 launched

NFT blind box online

NFT auction online

3D NFT online

Online games incubated by the ForthBox Foundation

Online third-party games

List on leading CEX

Maxx Capital: Can you tell us how strong your security system is? Have you done an audit by any third party before?

Elena: Good question. We are very serious about security. Our members in the tech team are geeks from the world’s top universities and institutions. We use advanced formal verification techniques and mathematical methods to ensure that our smart contracts and ecosystem are safe and secure, and to protect against hacker attacks.

Besides, we have completed an audit by Certik. For more info:

User questions from Maxx Capital community

Q: What more features will ham have in the future?

Elena: We are going to launch a blockchain game exclusive to Ham NFT. All the stats of Ham NFT are reserved for this game. The game is under development, hopefully, will be available soon.

Q: When will the next game open beta?

Elena: We will launch a new game in February. Each game will come with a series of game-related NFT. Game NFT is the ticket to play our game, meanwhile, it plays a role in the game as well.

Okay, I am going to disclose something in advance. Those users who have Fighter NFT in the Space War game, we will airdrop at least one game NFT to the user for the next game. So that users can have a seamless experience to move on to play the next game.

Moreover, all the game-related NFT will be empowered with DeFi applications in the future.

Q: Will ForthBox launch games that require Ham NFTs in the future?

Elena: Ham NFT is the ticket to the ForthBox platform. Everyone can mint Ham for free. Users who want to participate in games launched on our platform must have Ham NFT.

About ForthBox

ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.

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