Announcement: Airdrop List of Greek Mythology Character NFT Ares

Starts on:

January 15, 2021

Introduction for Airdrop

ForthBox will airdrop Ares, the strange level NFT from ForthBox Greek Mythology NFT to the BSC contract address of users who fed Ham to LV.6 and above level.

Rules of Airdrop

1. Each Ham NFT has a unique ID, e.g. #1001, and each Ham NFT is eligible for the airdrop.

2. If user’s BSC contract address contains multiple Ham NFTs that have reached LV.6 and above, that contract address will be eligible for the corresponding number of Ares NFT airdrops.The number of Ares NFT is 2500 and its be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to Obtain Airdrop?

Login to, mint Ham NFT on ForthBox Dapp and feed Ham NFT to LV.6 and above level.

Next Greek Mythology Character NFT is waiting for you!

>>>Feeding Tips

Airdrop List of Greek Mythology Character NFT Ares

As of January 5, 2021(UTC), there are 363 BSC contract addresses containing 2500 Ham NFTs that have first to reached LV.6 and above. At this time, a total of 2500 GREEK MYTHOLOGY CHARACTER NFT — Ares will be airdropped to the following contract addresses:


1.Greek Mythology Character NFT(abbreviated as GMCN) is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain and can be traded on the ForthBox NFT market.

2.GMCN corresponds to 6 levels, namely ordinary, strange, rare, epic, legend and myth.

3.All GMCNs are generated by airdrops after feeding and upgrading Ham Nfts. The numbers correspond to: 5000 ordinary, 2500 strange, 1250 rare, 625 epic, 312 legend and 156 myth, all of these are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

6.GMCN cannot participate in FBX staking & mining.

7.All GMCNs get a share of 10% dividends of Ham feeding game, and the proportions from ordinary level to myth level are 2.6%, 2.0%, 1.8%, 1.4%, 1.2% and 1.0% respectively.


1. According to the feeding formula M*FORTH + N*FBX, the cost of feeding Ham NFT to LV.6 is about 300 USD.

2. Contract address (FBX_BSC): 0xFD57aC98aA8E445C99bc2C41B23997573fAdf795

ForthBox(FBX) explorer:

3. Contract address(FORTH_BSC): 0xC979C4B8193C22eA0FD685395E504f407d3aB887

Ampleforth Governance Token(FORTH) explorer:

*The final right to explain the event belongs to ForthBox official.

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