Feed Ham NFT on ForthBox, Get 1024 Meta boxes Airdrop

Event Info

ForthBox will randomly airdrop 1024 Meta boxes to lucky BSC contract addresses.

Way to Participate

Login to https://www.forthbox.io/#/minting, mint Ham NFT on ForthBox Dapp and feed Ham NFT to LV.8 and above level.

>>>Feeding Tips


1. From now on to January 20. 24:00, 2022(UTC), the contract addresses of Ham NFT breeders with feeding levels LV.8 and above will be uploaded to the ForthBox random number contract, which will be used to randomly select lucky breeders.

2. Each Ham NFT has a unique ID, e.g. #1001, and each Ham NFT is eligible for airdrop.

3. If user’s BSC contract address contains multiple Ham NFTs that have reached LV.8 and above, the contract address will be eligible for multiple draws. A total of 1024 ForthBox Meta boxes will be distributed.

About ForthBox Meta Box

1. The total number of ForthBox Meta boxes is 1024, and all of them will be distributed free of charge in this airdrop event.

2. With a ForthBox Meta box, you can enjoy.

a. ForthBox NFT airdrops of 15 Avatar series games.

b. 1024 Meta boxes will have a 1% dividend for each of the 15 Avatar series games of ForthBox.

c. Land auction and land tax rights in ForthBox 2.0.

d. More rights and interests will continue to be updated with the development of the ForthBox ecosystem. Please pay attention to our official announcement for specific content.


1. According to the feeding formula M*FORTH + N*FBX, the cost of feeding Ham NFT to LV.8 is about 450 USD.

2. Rewards will be distributed within 20 days after the winning list is selected by random contract.

3. ForthBox (FBX) contract address (based on the BSC chain):


ForthBox(FBX) explorer:


*The final interpretation right belongs to ForthBox official.

About ForthBox

ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.

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