Ham Minting&Feeding Instruction

For Ham feeding, please refer to the following steps:

1. Prepare a wallet

Take MetaMask for an example.
A. Log in to Chrome, download and install MetaMask through the Google App Store (Chrome browser is recommended).
B. Create and bind a BSC smart chain wallet address in MetaMask.(“Feeding Ham” is based on BSC Chain)
C. Buy enough USDC then transfer to your wallet.
D. Buy FBX.(Refer to FBX Purchase Guide

2. Mint Ham

A. Go to ForthBox official website and click “Ham Minting” on the navigation bar.

B. Go to the Ham minting page and click “Connect Wallet” at the top right.

C. Agree to connect in MetaMask, so that it can be associated with ForthBox.

D.Click “Start Minting”.

E. Minting is for free. Pay for the gas fee(BNB)and complete Ham minting.

3. Staking

Click “Stake” on the right and pay the gas fee. Your Ham starts to generate $FBX.

4. Feed Ham

A. Click “Feed” and pay with both USDC&FBX tokens correspondingly and the gas fee as well.

B. Click “Authorize” for both USDC & FBX

C. Click “Confirm” to authorize transaction.

D. After the transaction is confirmed, you can see that Ham’s experience value increases, and the feeding is successful.(Ham can be fed once every twelve hours.)

5. Receive earnings

Click “Claim Rewards” and receive FBX earnings.

About ForthBox

ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.

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Web3.0 GameFi aggregation platform service provider.

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Web3.0 GameFi aggregation platform service provider.

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