ForthBox Ecosystem Fund FBX Token Allocation in the 2nd Year

2 min readNov 28, 2022


As stated in our White Paper, 60% of the Total Supply of FBX tokens (1 Billion) will be allocated to the ForthBox Ecosystem, which is 600 million. ForthBox’s first TGE is on November 28, 2021, 40% out of 600 million were distributed and reserved for the 1st year, which is 240 million FBX tokens. In the 2nd year, it will be reduced to 22.5% out of 600 million, which is 135 million FBX tokens. In other words, starting from November 28, 2022, only 135 million FBX tokens will be allocated to the ForthBox ecosystem during the 2nd year.

All the daily yield of ForthBox games and Ham staking/mining will be subject to the same rule of reduction of FBX tokens in the ForthBox Ecosystem Fund. The formula of the daily dynamic prize pool of Space War and Ham Fantasy remains the same, however, it will multiply by 0.5625(22.5%/40%). For example, if the yield of FBX tokens of the Space War game is 100,000 FBX tokens on any given date, then the actual yield will be 56,250(100,000*0.5625).

This is what we plan to do at the very beginning of the project, and it is a necessary step to take to stabilize the ForthBox ecosystem.

The change will be effective from 1 AM SGT, 1 December, 2022.

Last but not least, Happy Anniversary ForthBoxers. Let’s look forward to the 2nd year. Let’s go!

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