ForthBox Will List on PancakeSwap,Reweet and Share 10,000 FBX

Time:November 24- November 28

Rewards:The top 100 users will share 10,000 FBX

Rules:Retweet the FBX Thanksgiving tweet @3 people+comment, and fill in your Twitter ID and BSC wallet address in the form under the tweet. We will choose the last number of BTC price at 00:00 (UTC) on the 28th and take a snapshot on CoinMarketCap, and users whose ranking in the Twitter comments of the event is a multiple of this number, or whose end number is the same as this number, will be rewarded. For example, if the price of BTC at 00:00 (UTC) on the 28th is 60,003 USDT, select the number 3. All reviews rankings are multiples of 3, or the last number contains 3 are winners, and the top 100 will be awarded a total of 10,000 FBX.

Note: Rewards will be issued within 10 days after FBX list on PancakeSwap, and the final interpretation right belongs to the official ForthBox。

About ForthBox

ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.

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