[Update]Introduction for ForthBox Gaming Login System

Update on March 20, 2022

There are two ways to login to Space War. One is Decentralized System Login and the other is Game Boosting System Login.

The tutorial uses the integrated web browser of MetaMask wallet as a demo.

Decentralized Login

1. Click on “Connect Wallet”.

2. Sign for authorization to complete the login.

Game Boosting System Login

1. Click on “Login”.

2. If you are already registered, enter your account password.

3. If you are not registered, click “Register Now”. One email address could be used to register for multiple accounts.

4. Click “Bind wallet” after registration.

5. Sign for authorization to complete the login.

6. Lease your account to guild memers (scholars).

Distribution Ratio Setting


  1. A registered email address could be bound to multiple wallet addresses, and one wallet address corresponds to one game account.
  2. The borrowers have no access to asset management.
  3. And the lenders who bound the wallet to the account has management rights.

About Account Details

2. Details of your accoun has been sent to your email.

3. You are able to check the number of accounts that registered with your email address, and wallet address, Coins, Points, Fighter NFT, Scholar’s Address and Distribution Ratio corresponding to these accounts.

About ForthBox

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