Killer Features of MetaBull

1. Both web2 and web3 players can play the game

One is like any other blockchain-based game. You need a set of MetaBull NFTs and some in-game coins to play the game. All the players can play and split 30 million FBX tokens & 40,000 USDC.

The other version is a general version that everyone can register to play the game with an email address, which means they don’t need to connect to a decentralized wallet. These players can play MetaBull for free, meanwhile, they can participate in in-game raffles 4 times a day and have a chance to win MetaBull NFT. After winning the NFT, they are allowed to sell it on the ForthBox NFT Marketplace by connecting to a wallet.

2. Dual Prize Pools

3. Battle with your friend

About ForthBox

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Web3.0 GameFi aggregation platform service provider.

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