MetaBull Game Introduction

5 min readOct 19, 2022

MetaBull is a PvP real-time tactical game. Players need to place different sizes of MetaBull NFTs in tracks to defeat their opponents. Each type of MetaBull NFT has specific output, a player will win the battle if the opponent’s HP is drained to 0. Meanwhile, the game supports 6 different skills to enhance the battle team or MetaBull NFT, combining a reasonable placement tactic and skill selection is the key to defeating the opponent.

How to Start the MetaBull Game

There are four series of battle teams in MetaBull, including Planet, Stellar, Comet, and Galaxy. Each of these is comprised of four different sizes of MetaBull NFTs. Players who have any series of MetaBull teams can play the game through the ForthBox game center.

How to Get MetaBull NFTs

  1. Buy the MetaBull Mystery box on the platform and open it to get a random battle team. (77 USDC/Mystery box)
Probability of getting 4 different series

2. Open MetaBull Mystery Boxes or MetaBull Fantasy Boxes to get an NFT.
3. Participate in the in-game raffles.
4. Try the free benefit and lucky spin in the game.
5. ForthBox platform giveaway
6. Purchase on ForthBox NFT marketplace

Start the game

  1. Use your Dapp web browser on a PC or mobile device, go to and select MetaBull.
  2. On the game login page, connect your BNB Chain wallet.
  3. Register and log in to the game.
  4. Click on “Start the Game”. Each game costs 100 coins. (1 FBX = 20 Coins)

MetaBull Unique Yield Model

The platform will give away 2,000 coins initially as a reward when the player creates the battle team. Players can play a maximum of 30 games per day, each game requires the consumption of 100 coins as a ticket.

You will get Fantasy Chips and Exp (experience) each time you win the battle. Losers get Exp only. Chips can be used to merge into MetaBull Fantasy Box, while Fantasy Box can be converted to FBX tokens. Exp is used for upgrading the level of your MetaBull battle team. The specific output is shown in the following table.


  1. L refers to the level of the battle team (the highest level of the battle team is Lv. 60, and the Exp required to upgrade = current level * 5)
  2. In-game coins can be purchased using FBX, 1 FBX = 20 coins.

MetaBull Earning Mechanism

A. MetaBull Prize Pool
a. The ForthBox platform allocates 30 million FBX tokens in the game prize pool to reward users. The daily reward released from the game prize pool is the total amount of FBX left in the prize pool/365, plus 80% of the FBX consumed by players buying in-game coins the day before.

For example, on November 1, 2022, there is 29 million FBX left in the prize pool. Yesterday there were 100k FBX used for coin purchases. In this case, 29,000,000/365+100,000*0.8=159,452, which means there is 159,492 FBX in the prize pool on that day.

b. Players can merge the chips into MetaBull Fantasy Box, 10,000 chips = 1 MetaBull Fantasy Box. In order to get a share of the prize pool, players can deposit their Fantasy Box to exchange for FBX tokens. There is no limit on the quantity of the Fantasy Box for each individual. Please note that the Fantasy Box will be sent to the black hole address immediately after your deposit, which means the process is irreversible. The reason why we call it “deposit” is easier for you to understand, technically, it is still “exchange” but not in real-time. You need to wait for the settlement time to complete the transaction.

From 5 PM to 3:59 PM UTC the next day, all the players can deposit their Fantasy Boxes and share FBX tokens based on an individual’s weighting. The game maintenance time is 4 to 5 PM UTC every day. During maintenance, the smart contract will automatically exchange and distribute FBX to the addresses that were deposited on that day based on the individual’s weighting. And then, the amount of the total deposit of Fantasy Box will be reset to 0 after the system maintenance. It is completely up to you to choose when you want to deposit the Box and how many of them you want to exchange for FBX.

We will explain how it works in detail with an example. Let’s say the prize pool is 200,000 FBX on any given day, and a total of 100 Fantasy Boxes are being deposited, which means each Fantasy Box can be exchanged for 2000 FBX (200,000/100). If you deposit 10 Boxes, you will get 20000 FBX (2000*10). If you are the only one who deposits (100 boxes), you will get all the prizes (200,000 FBX) for that day.

B. Rankings Bonus
In addition to the game prize pool, the platform provides another 40,000 USDC as the game ranking reward. The game rankings are divided into 8 stages (7 days/stage), and each stage rewards 5000 USDC, the specific ranking rewards are as follows.

Rules of Ranking

1)According to the total number of chips obtained during the cycle, the higher the chips, the higher the rank.

2)According to the time of getting chips under the identical chips scenario, the earlier you get involved the higher the rank.

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