The 2nd Round of Ham Feeding Campaign: Win Million-dollar 1,024 X-Boxes Airdrop

Bonus No.1 — Get 100% of Your Feeding Back

>>> Here are some info for you.

Basic Info
  • FBX Token Contract Address
    FBX has been listed on Pancakeswap.

Bonus No.2 — 1,024 X-Boxes Airdrop to Give Away

Types of Prizes and Quantities

* Prizes could be directly exchanged to the equivalent value of USDC

Prizes Info

Bonus No.3 — Tower Defense Game NFTs Give Away

The concept map for Ham Fantasy

⚠️ Important Note

Costs & Prizes

Bonus No.4— Invitation Commission

Earn Up to 15% of the Commission

Earn Extra Up to 1 BTC on Referrals

About ForthBox

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